Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Recognizing Your Own Talents

A talent management article for Recruitplus consulting singapore

Think of a person that you know that is really talented. Who comes to mind? Is it someone famous like an actor or musician? Perhaps it is someone you know personally that you really admire. Maybe a co-worker who is a great public speaker or a person on your street that has a knack for fixing things. When you look around, it is easy to recognize countless talented people. When thinking of talented people, did you consider yourself to be one of them? Sometimes it is easier to see the talents of others than to see the special abilities that you hold personally. Everyone has talents. Talents are your innate abilities. They are unique gifts that you are born with.

When it comes to talents, people often think only of the acts commonly seen in a talent show like singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument. More subtle abilities like being a good listener, making friends easily, managing time well, or having a great memory are often overlooked. All kinds of gifts are necessary and important.

How do you better recognize your own talents? The quickest way to discover your personal gifts is to think about what you enjoy doing. Most people will enjoy doing things they are good at. Consider the type of work you gravitate towards or the kinds of activities that you do in your free time. For example, if you are constantly cleaning your office and categorizing your files then one of your talents is being a good organizer. If you are always the person in your social network that is planning parties and getting people together for special occasions then you are a great host. You will be able to find many talents once you start looking for them.

Talents are valuable. They make us unique and special. Use your special gifts to enhance your life. Take a moment to recognize the talents you possess. Use them everyday. You will quickly discover that you are just as talented as any of the people around you!

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