Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Apple Macbook Pro 13 Review - The Advanced Features of the 2010 Model

The most recent line of Apple MacBook Pro 13 (13 inches) was introduced in the month of April 2010. This new model has a similar minimalist design, sleek appearance, similar touch pad and identical keyboard as the preceding iteration. The difference between the two models is internal and MacBook Pro 13" has a better battery life and performance when compared to the previous model.

A closed MacBook Pro 13" is almost an inch thick. Apple were ingenious in designing this latest model because they retained the outward appearance of the preceding laptop but changed the internal components. Apple knew that the previous 13" MacBook Pro had a good design so they did not try to fix the outward appearance. The previous model was not broken but it needed a little bit of improvement to operate faster and for longer periods of time off a power source.

The new model has the following ports located on the chassis' left side: two USB ports (2.0), SD-card slot, headphone jack, a connector for mini-DisplayPort and Fire Wire port (800). The chassis' front left has indicator lights. These lights let you know the battery power that is remaining. It also has a slot for security-lock and an optical drive (a DVD burner which is dual-layer). This model does not support the Blu-ray discs nor can it be upgraded in terms of screen resolution.

The 13" MacBook Pro model version 2010 has a touch pad and a full-sized keyboard which has backlit keys. The keyboard is responsive to touch and it also has an ambient-light sensor. This light sensor adjusts the backlight of the laptop in accordance with the area's brightness. Area here refers to the location of the person using the laptop and the sensor has been incorporated to make use of the laptop comfortable to the eyes whether you are working in a dark room or outdoors in the sun.

The screen of the 13" laptop has a resolution of about 1,280*800. The 13" screen displays photos and movies with accurate and vivid colors. The laptop has a good camera, the CPU has Duo 2.4GHz core and the graphics get more considerable hit of a 320 chipset of Nvidia GeForce. The 13" MacBook has a DDR3 Ram of 4GB. The model has a battery life of 7hrs and 29 minutes for heavy and demanding operation and ten hours for light-duty operation.

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