Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How the Home Laptop Overtook the Desktop

So what has caused this massive turnaround?

The most important reason for the rise of the home laptop has almost certainly been their relatively low price. Depending on what kind of machine you want, and how powerful you want it to be, you can pick up a laptop today for under £100. In fact, small netbooks are sometimes even given away for free as part of mobile phone deals! Since the downturn in the global economy, people are more concerned then ever before with getting good value, making home laptops a very attractive option. Of course, some high-spec machines can cost up to £2000, but these are generally aimed at hardcore gamers or music producers.

However, the low cost of the home laptop does not tell the whole story - after all, a cheap price doesn't matter if the machine is not up to the task. In the last decade and a half, laptops have made up a lot of ground against the desktop PC in terms of performance. New technology usually starts big, and gets smaller as time goes on - the mobile phone is a good example. Since the laptop was invented, manufacturers have developed increasingly clever methods of packing a lot of power into a smaller space. The best desktops will still out-perform the best laptops, but the gap in performance is closing quickly.

The remaining factor behind the home laptop's rise to prominence has been their size - or lack of it. Desktop PCs take up a lot of space, usually requiring a dedicated desk just to house them. Laptops, on the other hand, are far more space-efficient. The hard drive, screen, keyboard and mouse are all contained in one case, meaning that a home laptop can be set up almost anywhere. They are also highly portable, so if you need to move them around - from location to location, or simply within one room - it's not a problem. This makes them very attractive to anyone without a designated study or computer room.

With laptop sales continuing to rise year-on-year, it doesn't look like their popularity will wane any time soon. In fact, laptops are likely to get smaller, cheaper and more powerful as the technology advances. Whatever the future has in store, it will be exciting to watch it develop!

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