Monday, 1 May 2017

Sell Used Laptops and/or Desktops

Sell Used Laptops and/or Desktops

This is a business idea that can be started up with very little money and I will show you how to get everything up and going. The basic need you must have to get this idea going is to have an interest in computers, and a desire to learn more about them.

Buy broken laptops, buy older model laptops, and buy laptops from people who have upgraded to a newer model. In this, we will answer where to buy them, how to repair them, who to sell them and how to grow the business larger.

Where to buy them: there are several ways to go about getting laptops and desktops that you could sell and turn a nice profit on. You could run ads on Craigslist.

Another way to get laptops and desktops is to hang up flyers at your establishments, for example drug stores, barbershops, post office, and grocery stores. And of course don't forget about the tried and true method of word of mouth, tell every body you know or run across that you buy old computers and you're willing to pay cash. The key to doing your buying is to learn how to price well. Here is a tip on how to find out the actual market value of computers you will be purchasing, go to eBay and input all the data you have on the computer you are about to buy and simply click the completed listing sections, this will tell you a pretty accurate estimate of what the price range for this product. From that you can judge what you should be paying for potential computer.

Example, say a seller calls and says they have a Dell Inspirion for sale, you would quickly take a look at eBay for the completed listing and then factor in the issues or damages this particular computer your buying is having and give the seller an estimate on the price. If they're not willing to come to your price and you have done your research don't do the deal. You must develop the attitude that you will walk away from any potential deal if the numbers are not working in your favor.

How to repair the Computers: most of the computers you buy will be older and more than likely in need of some form of repair or at least need the hard drive wiped clean to protect the entire previous owner's information.

Another great benefit to this business is these are older model computers you buy for little money so you can do all you repair learning on these models and not have to worry about damaging a computer doing things you don't know how, because hey if you break it and can't repair it its no big deal just sell it for parts and learn for the next time what you should or should not do.

Who to sell them to: you may think nobody wants to buy an old laptop and depending on how old the model is you may be right to a certain extent, but if you did your proper homework like I described in the early part you will know what the potential value of a fully repaired and cleaned up model will get you. Once you have refurbished the laptop

• wiped the drive
• installed Linux and
• all the best share wear software out
o OpenOffice
o VLC media player
o antivirus software
o Firefox

You can then list it on eBay and make a very nice profit. This simple process can be repeated over and over again. There is no shortage of computers that you could potentially buy and there is no shortage of paying customers out there looking for good running computers. And to top it all off you helping recycle those old computes by putting a useless machine with the right new owner.

How to grow the business: start of small even, if you have money to spend you need to see what products are really selling fast and what products to avoid. These things you can and will learn from buying a couple of lemons here or there will definitely pay of in the long run. But once you're ready, this business is great. Instead of buying one laptop or two desktops here or there you can focus on trying to buy in the largest bulk you can. Here are a couple of ways to buy in bulk, instead of targeting individuals to buy they're old computers after they have upgraded, target on buying all the computers from business after they have upgraded. Be willing to come pick them all up and give them a fair price on the entire lot of computers. Another way to get computers to sell in bulk is to look for auctions that are selling off they're entire supply of computer. A good place to check for these is auction zip, and government auctions.

Once you get to the point of buying the computers in large quantities the next step then is to leverage your time to your advantage and hire people to do the repairs of the computers. Network or run ads on Craigslist saying you need a computer repair men, set it up with them so that you can have them pick up large amount of computers one time and fix them all and bring them back diagnosed and repaired. And then you can begin your process of selling them one at a time either on eBay or Craigslist or your own website.

And my last suggestion for getting this business to grow is to again leverage your time by hiring some one to do all your eBay listing and packaging.

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